Sarah’s Weekly Meal Plan (July 15 to 21)

With my little man and my fiancee’s hectic schedules it’s always next to impossible to have planned out lunches, something that I’m hoping to remedy over the next couple months.  The only meals I have set for every day are breakfasts and dinners, so hopefully this meal plan will give you some inspiration for your own meals.
Monday (July 15):
    Breakfast – Oatmeal with yogurt
    Dinner – Clark: chicken nuggets; Wade: Southwest Chicken Salad Wraps
Tuesday (July 16):
    Breakfast – Waffle and applesauce
    Dinner – Mini baked roast beef sandwiches
Wednesday (July 17):
    Breakfast – Eggs, bacon, and toast
    Dinner – Sausages and Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad
Thursday (July 18):
    Breakfast – Pancake and yogurt
    Dinner – Clark: Grilled Cheese and french fries; Wade: Tacos
Friday (July 19):
    Breakfast – Toast and applesauce
    Dinner – Pizza
Saturday (July 20):
   Breakfast – Oatmeal with yogurt
   Dinner – Leftovers or take-out
Sunday (July 21):
   Breakfast – Toast and applesauce
   Dinner – BBQ chicken

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