What We’re All About!

Between the two of us we have four major things that impact our day to day lives, food, photography, organization, and party planning. These things are where we will draw most of our inspiration.

It’s what gives us energy to get through the long, tedious days. Whether you get to sit down with your husband every night for dinner, like Bonnie, or having to find family friendly food that is easy to pack up and send to work, like Sarah, new meal ideas always seem the bane of every woman’s existence. Hopefully we’ll make that part of your day a bit easier by sharing our favourite recipes and our experiences as we test new recipes as well



Party Planning!

From holidays to birthdays parties are always happening. Being a hostess starts months before the actual party, once you decide you’re hosting a party, that’s when it all begins. With two perfectionists like this planning a party can take multiple months. Over the years we’ve hosted so many parties that hopefully we can shorten the planning period for you with our tips and theme ideas. These can go from things as simple as a child’s birthday party to as extravagant as a wedding.




Both Sarah and I have a giant passion for photography. We actually bonded in a photography class in college. It was basic, but it began a love affair, I know I did not expect. Where Sarah is a fan of lifestyle and staged photographs. I love taking action shots, and sneaky pictures, where no one knows that I am taking them.
Sarah has more experience in a photo shoot atmosphere, having shot quite a few events, like weddings, engagements, and her favourite toddler model. I’ve done more events on whole, I love taking pictures of people in their natural habitat, and in their unnatural ones; like Comic Con. (More on that next month.)
Because of this, you can expect photos of almost everything we do; as well as tips, techniques, and strategies for everyday photography, and special events.




Lists, lists, and more lists. I am one of the biggest list makers that there is. I have a binder or note book for almost every topic there is. I have always wanted to try and test theories of organization, and see if they really work.
– Does one really need a home binder?
– What is the perfect way to organize a home office?
– Purse organization – what will help me find my keys?
– Is it just that I have too much stuff? (this is the most likely answer)
I want to test these theories, as well as improve on them and come up with my own. The two very first projects, will be kitchen, and my “briefcase” for work. As sometimes I cannot find ANYTHING in that bag.
Sarah will also be inputting on how hard it is organize with a toddler running around the house, and how she gets things done with his little two feet getting in the way.


We hope that all our experiences can help make you days slightly less insane, if they’re anything like ours.

~Bonnie and Sarah!


One thought on “What We’re All About!

  1. I look forward to the tips! My life is an unorganized chaos; I’ll even settle for an organized chaos 🙂

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