Holiday Wrap Up

So last week my hubby was on holidays from work. He was supposed to be on holidays this week as well, but don’t get me started on how things got screwed up and he managed to lose a week.

We had lots of plans of what we wanted to do over the two weeks he was supposed to have, so needless to say I got a little panicked when we lost a whole week and I need to decide what was most important and needed to get done.

I did manage to do it, but then of course things got in the way. As everyone knows I also babysit my youngest niece, we were hoping to have a couple days off from watching her but only managed to get Friday off, but we still got a few things done.

Monday: groceries for the week, we had a couple other stops we wanted to make but my son and niece were not doing so well with sharing space in our small car.

Tuesday: we stopped in for a short visit with our old wedding coordinator since our anniversary had just passed (November 2), then we went off to the mall for some shopping, we have family/maternity pictures coming up at the end of the month and my boys both needed something to wear. Once again the shopping got cut short because the kids weren’t getting along, but we managed to get everything we needed.

Wednesday: since the kids haven’t been getting along all that well the past few days we just stayed in for a nice quiet day

Thursday: Hubby went out and got the last couple of items we needed to finish off the wall we were building in the basement dividing it into our bedroom and a nursery for baby #2.

Friday: we were able to leave Clark with my sister-in-law for a couple hours while the hubby and I went out and did some car shopping, with another little one on the way we desperately needed to upgrade from our Pontiac G6 to something with a lot more room, we took out a Dodge Grand Caravan for a test drive and were sold, so we left them to work the numbers and went home to have dinner with family celebrating our oldest niece’s 4th birthday.

Saturday: back to the dealership we went! After getting a call about the numbers and deciding we were really hoping for a smaller monthly payment, we went back to test drive a different van. So out we went in a Chrysler Town and Country, it was exactly what we wanted with all the features we could have asked for. Now we patiently wait till Wednesday when the hubby can go in and trade in our little G6 for a new shiny family van.

Sunday: the hubby and I finished hanging the drywall and the door for the new wall, the we relaxed for the afternoon watching a movie with our boy, them after dinner I did some cleaning, the hubby made the dog a new bed, and I gave our furry babies each a bath.

October Catch Up!

Sarah’s October!

Ok so I’m not going to lie, our October was pretty uneventful, which says quite a bit since we had Thanksgiving and Halloween.

The biggest thing was Thanksgiving dinner. My hubby’s nana had hip replacement surgery on the Friday of the long weekend, so my MIL asked me if we would be willing to do all the cooking for it. So our Thanksgiving long weekend was full of preparations and cooking (which isn’t much different from everyone else’s). We tried a couple new recipes, and a couple of favourites.  For our turkey we did a bacon covered turkey, because let’s face it, turkey, stuffing, and bacon…can’t go wrong.  It turned out awesome! The bacon grease went right in to the turkey and it kept the bird nice and juicy.  Then we had a lemon roasted potatoes and beans, I made my ranch mashed potatoes (as requested by my SIL), my SIL made mashed turnip and a coleslaw, and for dessert we had lemon meringue and pumpkin pie (store bought, because I had no time and don’t like either of those pies so I wasn’t going to make them), I made Reese’s Peanut Butter Cupcakes, and my MIL put together a pudding bar for the kids with butterscotch and chocolate pudding, whip cream and sprinkles.  Overall dinner was a huge success, everyone left the house completely stuffed, and there were lots of left overs for work lunches for the next day too.  I will give you some advice though, if you’re in the kitchen all day, your FIL has the wood stove going, and the house has a good 12-14 people running around it….open LOTS of windows.  It was pretty tough on me, being in the kitchen all day and being 24 weeks pregnant I was overheating like crazy, I ended up sitting out on the deck while everyone else was eating just to bring my body temperature down a bit.

After that everything stayed pretty calm for the rest of the month, there were the typical things, I was babysitting my niece while her siblings were at school, a baby appointment with one of my midwives, and then Halloween.

Halloween wasn’t as fun as it could have been, the weather was pretty gross so instead of doing a bunch of trick or treating we went to my in-laws, and then stopped in with our friends who live close by and that was it.  Nice and simple, next year we’ll do a bit more, the little man will have some friends from school so who knows maybe we’ll all go out together.

That’s about all that happened, it was a nice quiet month leading in to a busy holiday season that kicked off nice and early with our one year wedding anniversary on November 2, leading to our niece’s birthday, then our nephew’s birthday, and Christmas, all with baby appointments with the midwives tucked in between everything.  But you’ll hear all about those things later on.

Bonnie’s October!

I love October, but it is also bittersweet for me as well. Thanksgiving and Halloween, are both amazing holidays, with barely any pressure. But it also marks the anniversary of my fathers passing, so I also get a little down.

Thanksgiving was quiet for us, usually it is a giant family affair, but we just had my brother, and his girlfriend over for dinner. I cooked most of the meal, and tried a bunch of new recipes, but ended up going mostly traditional in the end. I have to say, my favorite was the smashed potatoes that I made. Bacon, cheese, butter, potatoes, onion and garlic, honestly how can you go wrong?

After dinner, we played boardgames, and just enjoyed the company. It was quiet, and I have to say a nice change from the 15-25 people at thanksgiving that it usually is. But I did miss the family, and am looking forward to next year being back to normal.

We went to a Halloween party, with friends, and enjoyed the night, because of the weather we didn’t get many trick or treaters this year, the number has been slowly declining since our first year in the house.

I tried a couple of different recipes this month, with the cooler weather, I tried 2 different versions of stew. Seriously Simple Beef Stew,  and Jools Beef Stew  Both were amazing, and had their perks, but if you are looking for something fast try Kraft’s, but you want to make a lasting impression, go with Jamie Oliver.  A tip, for stew, sear the beef first no matter what the recipe says, and use a full bodied red wine to de-glaze the pan, it adds an extra layer to the flavor, and tenderizes the beef amazingly.

November is a little more busy, and as December approaches we will be preparing for the holiday season. I have already begun gathering recipe ideas, and present ideas!


Welcome Nov




Happy Halloween!

‘Tis the season to be spooky. One of the best seasons, if not the best if we do say so ourselves.

There’s so many different ways to celebrate because little kids, and even more so not so little kids get to have some fun!

So I’m (Sarah) going to focus more on what you can do with the younger kids.
- picking out their costumes! This is when kids can get really creative with what they want to wear and I personally love seeing all the this hey can come up with.
- bake some Halloween cookies, they even have Halloween ginger bread kits out there these days too.
- carve a jack-o-lantern! One of the best traditions, kids love scooping out all the pumpkin guts, picking out a silly face, and lighting it at night.
- for older kids (like pre-teens) having a little party before trick or treating could be fun, with Halloween themed foods, maybe a some bobbing for apples
- then comes the best part of Halloween, trick or treating. Everyone loves it. This is going to be the first year we take our son out (as long as the rain holds off). He’s so excited and has been practicing his “Trick or Treat!” For the past month.
- sorting your candy, this is just as exciting as the trick or treating is. They don’t generally pay attention to what goes in their bags, so getting to see exactly how much and how great the “score” was can make the night. And let’s face it, it’s the one night kids get to eat candy before bed.

Keep an eye out for all the kids! They may look like superheroes (like these two cuties below) but they certainly aren’t indestructible.

For tips for how the “big kids” can celebrate keep scrolling to find some ideas from Bonnie!
This is Halloween This is Halloween!!! MUAHAHAH

So, as you all know, I do not have any kids, but Halloween!!! Is my all time favorite non-holiday. If I could have taken it off this year I would have.

So, even without kids you can have a ton of fun.

PARTY! Have a dress up party, act like a kid again. Enjoy the night! This year, the boy and I are dressing up as cartoon Lydia and Beatlejuice! I cannot wait!

Decorate! OMG, the little kids that come to the door are so much more happier when you are into it as much as they are! My boy and I usually sit outside with hot chocolate, and give candy out. We decorate our front step, and just enjoy the night. This year it’s going to be a little different as we have the a fore mentioned party to go to!

If you are planning on staying in, have a horror marathon!!! This is one of my all time favourite things to do.

Need some ideas?

Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Night of the Living Dead (all of these must be the originals)

Now, I have one remake that I LOVE! Dawn of the Dead. If you like Zombie movies, this one is AWESOME!

And one last thing, to enjoy Halloween as an adult…..BUY THE CANDY YOU WANT!! Indulge on this night, and enjoy it!

Hope everyone has a safe and awesome Halloween no matter how you choose to celebrate! And don’t worry I’m sure there will be lots of superheroes (and even more ice queens) roaming around to keep you safe!




In light of the actions that took place in our nation’s capital (as well as our hometown) I can’t see anything better to post about than to share how proud we are of our men and women in uniform.

Be it military, police, paramedics, nurses, or any the wears any type of uniform, we just want to say thank you.

To Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, we want to send an extra thank you and our sincerest apologies. You woke up every day ready to serve your country and to lay your life on the line. We can only hope that what happened to you was the feelings of one crazed man. The rest of our country love and respect you for everything you have done to keep us safe. Thank you for that, and it devastates us that such a horrific thing would happen to you (or anyone for that matter).

To Cpl. Cirillo’s family, we can’t imagine what be going through your minds trying to process and trying to understand why it would happen to your amazing young man. We can only hope that you know the entire country grieves with you as if he was our family as well. But we all know we will never be able to experience the kind of devastation and heartbreak you must be feeling today, just know the entire country stands behind you as your support, just like we stood behind Nathan.

To Sargent at Arms Michael Vickers, thank you. You came to action, and save an unknown number of lives yesterday. You are most definitely a hero in everyone’s eyes, whether you see it yourself or not. Without knowing it you got justice for a man you didn’t even know.

Thank you to everyone that puts their lives on the line to keep us safe every day. Saying from experience, I can say that I think there are many people who took your work for granted. The number of times I heard, or saw, the words “I never thought this would happen in our city” caught me off guard. I think we all knew these things were possible, we’ve seen it happen all over the world, but we became almost desensitized to it, because we have been protected so well by those men and women that get up every day and risk their lives for us.

We know things will never be the same, but I hope the military and first responders knows they have a lot more respect from many more people in the country. Thank you for risking your lives everyday to keep us safe.


My love of Jamie Oliver – Recipe Alert

Ok, so you know how some people love certain famous chef’s and love to mimic or attempt to make things that they do? Well with me, that is Jamie Oliver.

And today, I wanted to share a few of my tried and tested appetizer recipes:


So, awesome! Especially for a large party or pot luck. And an even better cheat! Buy the Pillsbury Pizza dough, makes it even faster. And a jar of your favorite pizza sauce.

Beautiful baked Camembert

I love this recipe, for parties, or even small gatherings. We usually do something like this at Christmas, or a baked Bree with red pepper jelly and crostini.

Antipasti of mozzarella, chilli, & lemon crostini

Antipasti, is one of my all time favorite appetizers. I could do this year round, and this recipe is great for beginners, or something small, for a dinner for two.

The next two recipes I am personally going to try…


Chicken Kebabs, and The Sexiest Salad in the World. This is going to make for an interesting date night combination!!




Our Lives in a Nutshell

So. We’ve decided to start something new every month. We realized we haven’t really shared all too much about our lives, just small things that go on, like how we plan for things. So from now on, the last post of the month (or first post of the new month will be a summary of what’s been going on in our lives lately. Hope you guys enjoy the brief glimpse into our lives!

Sarah’s September
So this month has been a little hectic in my house. On the long weekend we started a small renovation, turning our big basement bedroom in to two rooms by adding a wall, so that our new addition that arrives in February will have a room. So the framing for that is up now. Shortly after that we had a big morning, it was the ultrasound where we were able to find out if Clark would have a little brother or little sister. (I’ll reveal that little tid bit at the end).
Then it was big days for the who clan, my nephew started grade 1, my niece started JK, and I started babysitting my youngest niece while her siblings were at school. That’s been quite the change to get adjusted to (mostly for Clark, but he loves having a play mate).
Overall it’s been a fairly uneventful month in our house. Just trying to get more things ready for the new little, my hubby working overtime (to afford everything for the little one, goodness babies can be expensive). But we’re all looking forward to getting more things done around the house next month. Once the babies room is all done (or we’ve at least made more progress) I’ll do a post all about it and why we chose to do it the way we did.

Hope everyone had a great month!

So I said I’d reveal the big secret of whether we’re having another little boy or a new little girl. Well …. Here’s the answer!


Bonnie’s September

So, as I told everyone earlier, I was at Fan Expo 2014, over my labor day weekend. And as much as I love the weekend, I don’t think we will be going back for a few years. Due to it’s popularity, and expense, the weekend is just too much. Don’t get me wrong we had a blast, but taking a few years off might be a good idea. BUT! I will have to say, if Joss Whedon comes back, all bets are off!!!! Right Sarah?

The first week of September was vacation, we had a few contractors in for renovations we want to do in the future, and crunched some numbers. We went home for a few hours one day, took my Mom and Grandmother out to dinner. But over all it was a great stay-cation.

The second week, well that turned everything upside down for me. I started my second college degree. Now, I am only taking one course this semester, but honestly it’s taking it’s toll. A full time job, and a a detailed course where something is due each week, and if something isn’t due there is a test. I will admit I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. Work is gearing up to be crazy now too, with certain projects coming to a close, and into play before our busy season starts. January also marks my fiscal year’s end, so I am gathering all that info now, so not to be scrambling over the Christmas holidays. I am proud to say, that so far, I have an A+ in the class, but I am sure that is going to change a bit over the semester.

We started a new tradition in my boyfriend’s family in September, we usually try and get together once a month, for dinner or something, but we have decided that it is now going to be on a Friday evening from now on. We went up the third week in September, and we picked our date for October when we were there. I am hoping that this will make for a consistent visit schedule, and we wont always be changing plans to be able to make it to family events.


On a sad note, my in-laws had to put the beloved family dog down. At 13 King or as I like to call him Kingdom, had a great life with us. He had a stroke, and his quality of life was just not 100% any more. We all got a great good last night with him when we went home for the family night.


But on a happier note, I LOVE October, one of my all time favorite months. With Canadian Thanksgiving, and Halloween (my all time non-favorite holiday.) I am sure I will have some stories to tell in November.